Video FAQ


1. What are the questions? 

In ten minutes or less, answer the following questions.  When you are done, upload them to the Dropbox folder with your name on it.

  1. Intro: Who are you and what do you do? This should be answered by saying “Hi SheNomads! My name is {name}, and I {whatever you do}.”
  2. How did you get into tech?
  3. Personally, I’m having a hard time with work-life balance.  What do you do to achieve it?
  4. Wildcard! Answer whatever you want, in tip format.  Give us 3 tips for “x”. Email me if you want to brainstorm; I’m happy to help. Some examples: 3 tips for female founders, 3 tips for remote work, 3 tips for technical interviews, 3 tips for landing an internship.
  5. Outro: Ask the viewer to subscribe to my channel… and while you’re at it, subscribe to my channel 🙂

2. How can I get good looking video?

If it’s possible, record during the day, in front of a big window.  You’ll want to add some additional lighting, like a lamp, coming from behind the camera.  All of the light should be coming from behind the camera.

If there is a light source coming from behind you, I’ll ask you to re-record. 

As for the background: please make sure it’s clean/tidy/neat.  Some people have added props like plants of pictures to the background.  This isn’t necessary, but it makes for a really nice looking video.

As for what you are wearing: Keep it simple.  Editing may cause certain colors in your shirt to pop/fade, which may wash you out in editing.  If you can, try and record wearing white, black, navy, or neutral colors.

3. Are there any additional requirements? 

If you record with your phone, the video must be sized to fit YouTube.  If you turn your phone sideways, it will fit the YouTube screen perfectly.  Submissions that do not fit this requirement will not be considered.


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