The location independent startup director and recovering lawyer Alexis Lamb shares some of her favorite places to travel, and her favorite face masks.

What do you do?

“My name is Alexis, and I am the director for a startup which focuses on the alternative delivery of legal services. In a former life, I practiced law at one of those massive international firms for a few years, then left to pursue a career in legal recruitment (in various forms). I love executive recruitment consulting because it’s a career path that gives you a lot of location flexibility.”

What is your favorite place to travel to?

“It depends. I have a soft spot in my heart for Hong Kong since I lived there for five years. I’ve visited Buenos Aires twice and still romanticize the heck out of it, but that could be the lomo, Torrontes, and favorable exchange rate. New York is where most of my friends are, and the only place where I feel truly relaxed is Marco Island, Florida (where my parents live, and where I’m currently based).”

What is one piece of travel advice you wish you had 5 years ago?

 Sign up for one of those credit cards that rack up the miles and have huge signup bonuses. I’m getting older and can’t endure 16 hours in the cheap seats like I used to.”
What are you using for Face Mask Fridays?
“Anything by Dr. Jart, which is a K-beauty brand. You’ll get ripped off if you get them from Sephora, so if you’re in a city with a Koreatown, just drop into any non-chain pharmacy there. Of course, if you’re actually in Korea, you can easily stock up.”

Where can we connect with you?

I’m at @thenopantslife on Instagram is the link to my blog.
Photo credit @thenopantslife
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