Why get career advice from a startup manager who jumps out of airplanes? Joy and I met on Instagram.  Joy works in tech, travels, and jumps out of planes in her spare time.

Of course, I had to talk to her.

What do you do?

“Hello, my name is Joy (@parttimeexploradora).  I am a digital operations manager at an AdTech startup in NYC. I basically built out process flows and try to make sure all of the moving parts are accounted for. It’s super fun cause I get to use my social sciences and engineering background when building out a process taking into account the technical aspect, but also the human component while getting to learn more about how the internet works. I love it and have been at my current company for close to 3 years. “

Favorite place to travel to?

“This is super hard cause there are different aspects of each country I’ve been to that I’ve loved. I have been to 23 so far but I’d have to say for just relaxing my place has been Thailand. The people are super respectful and welcoming, definitely, take the time to learn some Thai and actually interact with the people living there when you go (and support Thai business).”

Favorite song to dance to after a long day?

“Bodak Yellow. I play this every morning and every evening when I am going into and leaving the office. It’s kind of my empowerment song to remind myself that I am worthy and to stay in my game. After a long day of handling things, it keeps me sane.”

1 piece of career advice you wish you had 5 years ago?

“I wish I could tell myself that I don’t have to be the representative for all Latinas in Tech, that being the “token” can be temporary and an opportunity to create space at the table. I used to think I was so lucky to have the opportunities. Which I am, but I didn’t realize how lucky people were to have me.
That it’s important to find community and you’re not alone. I didn’t start reaching out and connecting with other women and people of color in my industry until I reached rock bottom and wanted out. I was so exhausted by working but also handling being the “token” and voice of the people that I realized I should and find others … even better bring them to the table with me. I was tired of answering questions but also feeling like I had to be on my best behavior at all times because I was the only Latina and have been used to this in my entire career.
I would tell myself “You’re not responsible for all people” once I accepted this, I did decide however to start bringing other women and people of color into my spaces. In doing so I took 1. The pressure off myself 2. Made space to not just be the only representative 3. Been able to be more of my true self and not always having to be “on”. My team since has become more diverse and has a higher female ratio for a tech startup and it’s something I am proud that I had a push in.”
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