Hannah DeYoung, The Nomad Who Works in Wine

What do you do?

“Hi SheNomads, my name is Hannah DeYoung (@hannahdeyoung). I work for wineries traveling from region to region to work harvest! However,  I’m taking a few seasons off to get my MBA in wine business.”

Where is your favorite place to travel to?

“My favorite place to travel to is Positano, Italy.”

What is your favorite thing to eat in Italy?

“My favorite thing to eat in Italy is vegan pizza.”

What career advice do you wish you had 5 years ago?

“Graduating college I had no clue what I wanted to do. I knew I was good at recruiting and marketing but hated working in offices all day. I loved wine and knew that I ultimately wanted to end up running a vineyard of my own, so the summer after graduation I spent a few weeks on a vineyard in Tuscany learning the ins-and-outs of winery work. Which led me to my first full harvest in Napa, then Australia, and then back to Napa!

“If there’s something you’ve always imagined yourself doing just go for it! I have never once regretted taking a non-traditional job because I know these are all great experiences to build on to reach my ultimate goal. AND I get to travel and work all over the world while doing it!”

Where can we find you online?

“You can find me online at sunshinevine.com and on Insta at @hannahdeyoung.”

photo credit @hannahdeyoung.


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