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The Digital Empress recently started documenting her programming journey on YouTube. This video, “I Built a Game in Python“, stuck out to me.

You’ve just started making video content on YouTube, and I love that your videos are technical but still relatable. I remember struggling to find people talking about writing code in a way that felt relatable, but still informative and fun.  How do you achieve this feel?

 “Thank you! I think I’m able to achieve this feel naturally because I want tech to be relatable myself. It’s an important asset for me when learning. If I can’t relate to the instructor or material given I blank out often. It was very intentional for my videos to be this way.  Especially because there are not many women that look like me that talk about tech on YouTube or anywhere online.”
It was very intentional for my videos to be this way.  Especially because there are not many women that look like me that talk about tech on YouTube or anywhere online.

How did you get your start in tech?

“I got my start in tech about 3 years ago. I started working part-time at my community college as a digital learning assistant. I was helping students who were taking software development, cybersecurity, and digital design classes. I was also expected to make sure the state of the computer lab and systems were properly updated and secured.”

“After working here for about a year I got offered an intern position with the National Institutes of Health as a SharePoint Security Developer. That position opened many doors for me in the world of tech.”

Why did you pick Python, and how long have you been working in the language?

“I picked Python after doing some research on what would be the best programming language to start learning. Python came up frequently in blogs, websites, and discussion forums so I decided to pursue it.
I was given a Raspberry Pi book by a colleague at my first Application Analyst position that goes over basic fundamentals of Python. I started with the first project in the book after it was given to me but got swamped with school around that time. I never got a chance to get back to it until recently and decided to document my journey by blogging and YouTubing.
I’ve been actively working and learning Python for about over a year now and I’ve worked on many amazing projects with it so far. I usually recommend it to those who are starting out as well.

In your video “I Built A Game In Python,” you mentioned having to create your own sprite because there wasn’t one representative of women of color.  Can you share with us what resources you used to create the sprite?

For the video, I didn’t necessarily create the sprite. (I wish I did.) I came across the sprite I used in the game by searching google images for something like “queen pixel gif”. She popped up and imported her into my code and it ended up turning out exactly how I had hoped it to. You can find different sprites, backgrounds, and images you can add to a Python game at this website

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 8.28.38 PM.png

What kind of technical content do you plan on adding to your channel in the future? Tutorials, stories, experiences, etc?

“I plan on adding in some cybersecurity content because I do have a broad background in that area as well. I want to incorporate hands-on tutorials and challenges of making hardware work with software. I will also be sharing some interesting and juicy work experiences I’ve had in the past as well as motivational videos for women in tech.”

Connect with her on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and her Blog.


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