Study Group

Refresh your coding skills in a supportive, fun environment!

We’re going to study vanilla JavaScript, and Test Driven Development with Jasmine.



What is the SheNomads Study Group?

It’s is a fun excuse for us to get together on a Saturday afternoon,  learn something new, or refresh our current skills. Classes and Bootcamps can be both expensive, and time-consuming. So, we wanted a nice alternative for community members!

What will I learn?

Writing idiomatic JavaScript, using style guides, testing with Jasmine, and code katas!

What is the cost?

It’s free for SheNomads Slack members.

How many people will be in the group?

There will be a maximum of 11 people per session.

What materials will I need for the study group?

You’ll need a

  • GitHub account for discussions about writing idiomatic JavaScript (check out this and this).
  • You’ll also need to download this free JavaScript course,
  • download Jasmine, and
  • purchase this book.

What is the schedule?

All sessions are Saturdays, Noon – 1 pm CDT.

Week 1 Saturday, July 8th
Introduction to the materials (GitHub, VanillaJS, Jasmine, TDD) and intention setting (setting realistic expectations, staying accountable, practicing self-care during this time).
Homework: Read chapters 1 – 5.

Week 2 Saturday, July 15th
Discuss Chapters 1 – 5.

Homework: Watch videos 1 – 4.  If you have enough time to do some coding, that’s great! If not, we will still have plenty to discuss.

Week 3 Saturday, July 22nd
Discuss videos 1 – 4.  Talk about writing idiomatic JavaScript, style guides, TDD and Code Katas.

Homework: JavaScript Kata of your choice using Jasmine.

Week 4 Saturday, July 29thth
Discuss and present Katas.

Where are the meetings held?

All sessions are held online via Slack call.

What support is available to help me learn the material after the session ends?

We have a Slack group.  You can ask questions in #brunch_and_learn, or #code_talk.

What is the time commitment?

Each session is 1 hour, every Saturday for four weeks.

Our summer session is closed.  Sign up for our newsletter to get updates on future sessions!


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