Season Two: Finding Community

Hello, World! I’m back with season two of the SheNomads podcast, and I’m beyond excited about it.  I never intended to break up the show seasonally, but I noticed that the first 31 episodes were focused on a theme: How to Become a Digital Nomad.  When I started recording the podcast, I was curious on how to start mixing travel with work.  I saw many of you do what I did… use the podcast to inspire and aid your own travels.  It was fun to watch, and fun to learn with you.

After those 31 episodes aired, I decided to take a short break from podcasting.  In that time, I found myself in many conversations around the topic of community.  Our Slack channel began to grow really fast, so I started asking you all what you needed from our community.

Of course, this leads to more questions… How do you find welcoming community when working in a field that is toxic? How do you build one? Why do some communities thrive while others fail? How can we get what we need from the communities we join? As community members, how can we contribute to them in a meaningful way?

I decided pretty early on that season two would explore and answer as many of those questions as I could. So, here is the track list for season two.

Making Open Source Inclusive and Cyber Security with Lauren Kinsey

Design Week Tallahassee with Stephanie Irigoyen


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