Season One: Becoming a Digital Nomad

This podcast didn’t start off as a seasonal effort.  It started out as a learning experience.

I remember the joy I felt when I landed my first remote job as a software engineer.  No more commuting to work on a crowded train, or spending money on overpriced lunches.  And no more having to work in a toxic work environment.

Even better than the things I was leaving behind were the things I was getting.  Art grant, bump in salary, the ability to set my own hours.  I was able to negotiate working from Europe, Central, and South America as part of the deal.

How was I going to book cheap flights, deal with visa issues, or work efficiently with my team across timezones? How would I stay productive and safe? What would happen if the job didn’t work out, and I wanted to freelance?

I realized today that I’ve gotten the answer to my questions.  So, I’m splitting the show into seasons.  I’m calling Season 1 Becoming a Digital Nomad because it was an underlying theme in every episode. Well, that and Beyonce gifs, but I can’t call season one “Beyonce Gifs”.

The things I’d like to focus in on season 2 are:

  1. Building the SheNomads Community through mentorship and education
  2. Giving more thought to the production and storytelling aspects of the show
  3. Encouraging hobbies outside of code
  4. Work-life balance
  5. Supporting other community organizers


The podcast will be back in the fall for Season 2:

Finding Community as a Digital Nomad. 


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