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I love to read. I do it every day without fail.

I am also notorious for starting books, not finishing them and moving on to another. I have about 30+ books on the go at any given time.

I’d not long joined the busy and supportive community of She Nomads when a book club was organized.

I had been looking for a community to join that shared my values, interest in tech and supported other going ‘Digital Nomad’ and She Nomads was this!

At first, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the readings and the chapter discussions, but I was determined and excited to have a community of people that wanted to talk about topics I, am passionate about.

Despite my love of reading, I’d never participated in a book club before this, and it was an amazing way to introduce myself to the format without any of the social worries I had about in-person meet-ups.

The suggested book ‘The Confidence Code’ peaked my interest. Part popular science, part author insight and part collection of other women’s lived experiences, the book’s chapters often balance all three, removing the fear of dense, science and theory chapters and connects science with real-life examples that, nine times out of 10, you’ll have personal experience of.

“We [women] both have the same habit. When we work of a particular matter, we will work the file inside, outside, sideways, backwards, historically, genetically, geographically.” – Chapter 1

Sharing my thoughts, experiences and opinions of the book’s chapters and how they relate to my personal experiences has been something to look forward to each time we meet up for discussion.

Equally, listening to my peers and spending time learning and experiencing other perspectives has been eye-opening. The community brings such a breadth of personal experience to the discussion topics that reading a book like this solo would never happen.

‘The Confidence Code’ itself is an accessible read, it flows well and delves into detail only when necessary and breaks down the science into understandable ways. It has introduced several new concepts to me and solidified a few more that I had personal experience of, along with ways in which to challenge my behaviour or outlook and ways to influence the environments that I’m in and notice the effects on my confidence in the short term and long term. It has also has given me reference material to look back on my upbringing and formative periods to better understand how both nature and nurture affect your confidence at different times.

“Fairly simple brain training can carve new pathways in our adult brains, pathways that encourage resilience, or confident thinking, and that then becomes part of our hard-wiring” – Chapter 3

Coming at the book in a chapter by chapter format and breaking for discussion allows you to take the time to enjoy the book, fitting it into a busy lifestyle.

The She Nomads book club is informal, friendly, supportive and encouraging, this quote from the book sums up the community for me:

“They are brave enough to be not only different but to be themselves” – Chapter 5

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