Hello from Matosinhos, Portugal. Today’s question: getting into tech with a non-technical background.


From My Twitter DMs

“My main concern is that my background isn’t related to tech, or close to it. I know that my background can be used as a skill in the future, but wondering what the recruiters might think of this career change concerns me.

I studied Customs Administration & Foreign Trade, and have been working in Finance and also in a mix between Agriculture and Commerce.”

What I Think

This is probably the number one question I get.  People with non-technical degrees are worried they won’t succeed in tech.

The answer is no, you don’t need a degree at all; you need to learn.

I was a bartender before this (read about that time I was bartending and decided to become an engineer here), and I dropped out of college twice.  I knew I wanted to write code, and I didn’t see what being good at Chemistry had to do with it, even though it was a requirement.

I still don’t.

More about this here:

Side note: if audio is your thing, I’m reading all the posts from SheNomads.com in a new podcast, and following up with some additional commentary.



Now I’m off for a morning run. I want to find this beautiful spot again!


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