{ Episode 31 }

Rachel is a life saver. I had an interview with a digital nomad couple that I was really excited about (they met on Tinder and have been traveling the world together ever since), but they had to cancel last minute. It happens! Especially when trying to coordinate across time zones and flights.

I sent out a call for help on Twitter and Instagram, and one of the first people who answered was Rachel Hands, Senior Manager of Client Administrations at PatronManager.

Rachel was a fantastic fit for the podcast because you all have been asking more question about remote work from a manager’s perspective.

Some of you want to start implementing remote teams at your companies.  Many of you want to know what you can do to meet the expectations of a remote manager.

What we talked about:

  • What do remote managers look for in employees?
  • What are some non-technical roles that people have at remote tech companies?
  • How do teams who are scattered across the US work together?
  • How does someone without a Computer Science background get a job at a remote tech company?
  • Is it true that people who work at remote companies just sit in their pajamas all day and aren’t actually working?
  • How is helping someone who is struggling at a remote company different than helping someone who is struggling in an office environment?
  • What non-technical positions are you currently hiring for?
  • Do you find that you are more productive as a remote worker, or less productive?
  • What do you do when you have 5, 10-minute breaks? { Obviously not ping pong. }
  • Do you have any general advice for people who might be working their first remote job, and want to get up and running quickly?
  • What advice do you have for managers are looking to work at remote tech companies?
  • Where can people find you online?
  • What positions can people find your open positions?

{ Episode Links }

Rachel on Twitter and Patron Manager job listings. Make sure you tell them that you discovered their jobs page from SheNomads!

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