{ Episode 21 }

Esther and I met back at WindyCity Rails in Chicago.  She was one of the speakers, I was one of the organizers/MC. After hearing her talk, I knew I had to interview her for SheNomads.  Her appreciation for non-traditional paths in tech and talent as a speaker made me think she’d be a great fit for the podcast.

Also, I knew she could answer questions that I get a lot, but don’t have enough context to answer.

People often ask me if a Bootcamp can replace a traditional college education.  I dropped out twice and didn’t go to a Bootcamp, so I’m the wrong person to ask! But, I found the right person to ask, and that person is Esther.

As much as I have opinions on it { spoiler alert: I think college is a waste of money, and more importantly…time }, I think asking someone who has attended both is more valuable for our community.
Esther and I linked up again in New York a few months after WindyCity Rails.  I was in New York on a workcation{ I was traveling with a guy I met on Tinder… msg me on Instagram if I should blog about that }  and she was mentoring a new batch of students at DBC.  I got to go to their Wall Street location, see what the students were working on, and talk to them about remote work and finding remote jobs.

I feel really lucky that I got to interview her! Here is what we talked about:


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