{ Episode 25 }

“Fashion and makeup and all these things that are pushed toward young women: that’s a big space where they could be learning more about programming and coding.”

~ Catt Small

What we talked about in this episode:

  • Her e-book “How to Become a Public Speaker in 1 Year”
  • How speaking at tech conferences has helped her career
  • The games she uses to teach kids how to code
  • How her love for fashion inspired her to learn how to code in her pre-teen years
  • What inspired her to start learning to code at a young age
  • What makes her decide to apply to speak at a conference
  • What makes her decide to skip a conference { we should all be doing this }
  • How to tailor your talk to the right conference

{ Episode Links }

Catt on Twitter, a game she uses to teach kids to code, and a link to her e-book.

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