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Instagram Live #3 Questions

I’ve been asking you what you want to now.  Here is the list of questions I got for our upcoming Instagram Live.  I’ll be updating the list until the day of! How do you stay connected to your community while traveling? Why did you choose to save those 3 programming books? Why did you donate the rest? How do you pick which conferences to speak at? Have you written anything about how contributing to an open source project, or creating an open source project can help people find work/remote work? Traveling is fun, but it can disrupt routines and work flow.  How do you maintain your workflow through your travels? What podcasts do you listen to for inspiration? Tips on creating your first project (website or program) as a newbie of code?

Instagram Live #2 : Freelancing, Mixing Work with Travel, Going from Junior to Mid, and my #1 Interviewing Tip

I did another Instagram Live today.   I was less concerned about how I looked or mixing up my words than I was yesterday.  I was more concerned with why my mom was hopping on Instagram Live, talking about “What time are you making me dinner?” This Instagram Live ended up being 45 minutes long, and it’s still up on my Instagram now.  If you want to catch the next one, follow me on Instagram, and DM me when you do.  I’ll make sure I’ll account for your time zone when planning the next one 🙂 On Freelancing I’ve been getting a lot more questions about freelancing lately.  So many, that I’ve decided that season 3 of the SheNomads podcast is going to focus solely on freelancing. For those of you who haven’t listened to the podcast, season 1 was on Being a Digital Nomad.  Season 2 is being recorded now…

Instagram Live: Remote Interviews, Switching Careers and Finding Jobs

I thought I was going to be babysitting on my lunch break (one of the perks of working from my parent’s house this week) but turns out my expert auntie services weren’t needed.  So, I decided to do a quick Q and A on Instagram Live. Q1: So I got my certificate in web dev and I’m studying CS, but I am trying to find a creative role in tech that fits me. I haven’t applied to anything yet but everything I look at seems to want you to have lots of experience (I’m a newbie) and it seems like I have to be in an office. I don’t want boredom to run me away from my interest. Can you give me a few pointers/advice? I’m a tech girl but more than anything a creative. My main point of advice here was to think about the companies you’re applying to, and…