How To Make Your Code Better With Software Engineer Amy Schmidt

What do you do?

“Hi, SheNomads my name is Amy and I’m a remote software engineer at Trunk Club. I’m currently focusing on building web applications in Javascript. I also enjoy building iOS apps and Swift.”

How did you get into tech?

“I didn’t really know what I wanted to major in college. I considered journalism, psychology, engineering; I ended up deciding I was going to something in engineering.

Both my Parents are mechanical engineers so I had a lot of encouragement to do engineering from them.  It seemed like something that will be challenging enough to keep me interested for an entire career.

I decided on computer engineering without really knowing much about it. I liked being on computers and being on the internet, so it seemed something that at least would interest me. 

When I got to orientation, I was accidentally put on as a computer science major. So for my first 2years, I was in computer science and computer engineer double major.  Once I kind learned more about each major and how they were different, I realized I was more interested in towing the software side of computers than hardware.  So I ended up just doing computer science.

My senior year, I took a mobile app development class and from there, Swift came out.  So we learned Swift and built iOS apps. I really enjoyed Swift and I enjoyed being able to build something that I could see on my phone and show to other people. So, I looked for a job in iOS development and Trunk Club had actually switched most of their iOS apps over to Swift and so it’s a really good fit for me. And then recently, I got an opportunity at Trunk Club to work on web apps and learn Javascript and React, so I’ve been doing that for about 6 months.”

What skills do people need to develop to become a software engineer?

“Aside from technical skills, I think communication and collaboration skills are equally as important. There’s always the challenge and misconception about software developers being people who don’t like interacting with others or don’t have very good social skills.

I worked with people and to work with others especially in a business setting, code needs to be readable and buildable since engineers and companies come and go. So to me, what makes a good developer someone who is really good at taking feedback from their peers about their code and about their architecture design. No matter how little experience an engineer has their feedback is important and as a developer; being able to listen to our perspectives will help you to write a code that is understandable for everyone and they go to build on that code in the future.

You definitely don’t want to have code written by developers who leave the company and that no one can understand it and no one knows why it was written the way it was and you basically have to re-do it. So, regardless of how great of a coder that person is, their code would have been made better by collaborating with their teammates so that their code can live longer they may live at the company and collaboration and communication are skills you can build up to grow yourself as a developer.

Follow me on Twitter @ammmye or on Instagram @anyeschmidt feel free to reach out to me I’m always up and connecting talking about chat or about any of my other interests like music or TV or skincare or really anything you want to connect with me on.”

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