Current Location:
Boston, Massachusetts
Home Town:
Paris, France

Why did you become a digital nomad?

My husband and I used to work in San Francisco as software engineers. The goal was to get as much experience as we could to start working remotely and traveling the world. I wanted to be able to work remotely while traveling. I was also interested in working for myself, manage my own hours, and work on projects I was interested in.

How do you make a living as a digital nomad?

Since November 2015, we have been working as freelancers. Building websites, hybrid phone applications, and now VR projects! I have started my own development agency, Cassiopeia, and work with multiple clients on a regular basis. The work ranges from individuals needing a website to a small business needing rebranding.


What is your schedule like?

I woke up at 8:30 am because I went to sleep early last night (11 pm). The time I wake up at varies because I love sleeping in and I never schedule any meetings in the morning for that reason. I then started reading the news on Twitter, checked if I had any urgent emails to respond to and went to check in on my husband who had been working for about an hour already. I should be eating breakfast, but I rarely do, the morning is kind of my ‘me’ time where I read the news, catch up on youtube videos or tv shows, talk to my family (back in Europe), etc…

I did have a call with a new client at 11 am. Then, I had lunch with my husband between at 11:30 am. We usually chat about what we need to do today or talk about our next travel plans. Today we decided that we wanted to spend a couple of days in Connecticut, so we canceled the Airbnb we had booked and reserved a new place in New Haven for a week. That’s why we love being digital nomads. If we ever change plans, feel like going somewhere else, we can just pack up and go.

​I had another call with a client at 1 pm and started responding to emails which usually take me about an hour on busy days. I am planning on working until 5:30 pm and then we are heading out to a Women Who Code networking event. I will probably come back home and work until 11 pm because I have a call with a client in Australia at 10 pm tonight.

Where can we find you online?

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