This question came into my Twitter DMs:

“…I would like to leave my current job with COMPANY and focus on freelancing being full time. Doing freelance is fine but the sales is where I need more understanding…”

Here is the thing: I’m not a freelancer.  I’ll never be a freelancer because I’m confident that I would fail as a freelancer.

How do I know this, even though it’s something that I’ve never tried? Because I’ve interviewed lots of them. I know what it takes to land clients, to get paid, to navigate the world of insurance and taxes, and other things that my employer currently does for me. I can do those things, but I wouldn’t be happy doing them.

Also, freelancing doesn’t fit into my career goals.   My end goal is to build a tech company so that I can hire a bunch of hard-working, empathetic people who want to make a difference.  I want to pay them fairly and make sure that they are given interesting, impactful work.  I want them to feel valued.

It’s a smart move for me to continue to work for a company that is currently doing all of that. I’m learning more than just how to be a better engineer;  I can apply the non-technical things I’m learning now to my company when it’s time.

I’ll be updating the playlist as I continue to interview freelancers.  You can also do a seach for SheNomads on iTunes if you’d like to listen to it there.


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