Hello from Matosinhos, Portugal… and Happy BlogTober!

I’m attempting to publish 1 blog post per day for the entire month of October.  Thanks to everyone who has been sending me questions on Twitter and Instagram; it makes it easier for me to come up with blog ideas.

If you have a question, slide into my DMs.  I’ll answer them by the end of the week.

From My Twitter DMs

“My main concern is that my background isn’t related to tech, or close to it. I know that my background can be used as a skill in the future, but wondering what the recruiters might think of this career change concerns me.

I studied Customs Administration & Foreign Trade, and have been working in Finance and also in a mix between Agriculture and Commerce.”

What I Think

This is probably the number one question I get.  People with various degrees are concerned that not having a traditionally technical background will prevent them from succeeding.

I was a bartender before this, and I dropped out of college twice.  I knew I wanted to write code, and I didn’t see what being good at Chemistry had to do with it, even though it was a requirement.

I still don’t.

More about this here:

Side note: if audio is your thing, I’m reading all the posts from SheNomads.com in a new podcast, and following up with some additional commentary.



Now I’m off for a morning run. I want to find this beautiful spot again!


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