As you know, I’m only supposed to be working on this project on the weekends.  During the week, I’ll give myself an hour to do some smaller tasks if they come up, or if I feel like I need to make a small change to existing code.

Typically, Saturday is my “marathon” coding day.  I use the term marathon because I’m working typically 6 to 8 hours; nothing too intense.  This means that Fridays are a great opportunity for me to unwind from a long work week, and prep my tasks for Saturday.

Youn can listen here:





I decided to start implementing the AirBnB Style Guide and set up GitHub Issues.  I’m relocating to an Airbnb by the beach (I’m in Downtown Porto, Portugal now), so I’m hoping to find a nice cafe near the beach I can work from while I sip espresso, and nibble on tapas.

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