Hello, World! I’m working from Oslo again.  This is the perfect time to speak with you about maintaining a workflow while you travel because I’m doing it now.  I’ll be on Instagram live this Friday, September 8th at 6 am central.  You’ll probably be sleeping, or just getting your Friday started, or just ending your Thursday night.  So, I’ll leave the playback up for 24 hours.

Thank you so much to everyone who sent me questions via Instagram and Slack! This is everything I’ll be talking about in the morning:

  1. How do you stay connected to your community while traveling?
  2. Traveling is fun, but it can disrupt routines and work flow.  How do you maintain your workflow through your travels?
  3. Why did you choose to save those 3 programming books? Why did you donate the rest?
  4. How do you pick which conferences to speak at?
  5. Have you written anything about how contributing to an open source project, or creating an open source project can help people find work/remote work?
  6. How do you stay connected to your community while traveling?
  7. What podcasts do you listen to for inspiration?
  8. Tips on creating your first project (website or program) as a newbie of code?
  9. I was curious how you’ve gone about creating a community for yourself since you’ve been living the nomadic life?
  10. Have your previous relationships flourished or struggled? Is it easier to connect with people or not?


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