If you aren’t familiar with SheNomads, it’s an inclusive space for people in tech who want to travel while working remotely.

We have a Slack group, a podcast (iTunes & SoundCloud), a remote work and wellness retreat, and a kick ass community of developers, designers, and digital nomads.

We offer free remote coding classes, GitHub reviews, book club, an accountability group, and other forms of mentorship.

My priority has always been to give support to community members, especially since most of us identify as marginalized people in tech.

Once a week, a tech company reaches out to me to let me know something special… they want to pick my brain.


They think I am building is amazing. They want to get more women into tech. They want to figure out how to get in front of more women in tech so they can hire them.

They want to pick my brain. Hop on a call for 30 minutes, buy me coffee, get my opinion on what they are doing wrong.

But they never want to pay me for my labor or sponsor my community. They want to drop their job listings in our Slack channel and are insulted when I tell them it’s reserved for sponsor and partner companies.

If you don’t want to pay for my advice, you don’t want to sponsor events for my community, then no, you can’t pick my brain.

However, If you want to sponsor events, teach a class, or mentor someone from SheNomads, I’m happy to chat. I can answer any questions you have about hiring remote workers and attracting women, and other marginalized people, to your company. Feel free to contact me.

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