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I created this list as a note to self, so that I can reference it whenever I’m starting to feel a little out of balance.  Sometimes I find that it’s time for me zoom out, and focus on things that aren’t writing code.

When You Need to Completely Disconnect From Code

Use your computer to do something creative.  You’ve probably taken a few photos on your phone, so why not try editing them? You don’t have to show anyone your work after it you don’t want to.


Pamer your skin.  I’ve been big on using a facemask, but I’ve been getting more into face oils lately.

Read an independent magazine.   If you like beautiful images and interesting interviews, try something like CRWN or Kinfolk.

Listen to a new podcast.  Here are some recommendations.

Finally get around to planning that trip.  We’ve got a few suggestions.

Turn off the tv, the computer, and put your phone on airplane mode.   Put on this yoga playlist, and see what happens.  One of our favorite yoga teachers, Karla Hoffman from Chicago, IL, has this great set of playlists.

Hang out with plants.  I went plant shopping this weekend.  Not only was adding plants to my home office relaxing, but I had a great time learning about something new.

You Still Need To Do Something Code Related

Read code.  If you still feel like you need to do something code related, this can be a great way to learn something new.

Blog about code.  Again, this is something that is code related, but different.

Take a nap.  Honestly, naps are the best, and you should take more of them. Read more code, then, take another nap.  You’re practicing iteration, which is code related.

Want to write code this weekend? Here are 35 project ideas to get you started.


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